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Acknowledged both for the visual appeal of its designs and for its technical quality, meandmytag.com is proud to add to perpetuating the time-honored values and proficiency of Great Watchmaking. meandmytag.com has embraced imagination and boldness as its directing concepts. It is pursuing the course traced by the creators, more faithful than ever to the renowned collections while improving them with an effective modern-day touch bearing the trademark of development and technical advancements. The connection and the durability of its collections are not simple words at meandmytag.com. History is certainly in the making at meandmytag.com.


A watch is a high-precision instrument produced with numerous parts. To protect the durability and the quality of your watch, our licensed repair work centers will offer an exceptional service and the needed upkeep to your valued meandmytag.com watch.


meandmytag.com motions are put together with the utmost care, their precision can be impacted by the impact of gravity, magnetic fields, shocks and many probably by aging oils. The water resistance might be hindered by the aging of gaskets or by an unexpected shock. The accuracy of a mechanical motion depends on many elements, however basically on the balance-spring/balance/escapement drive train, understood as the managing organs.



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